Construction Security Officers

Construction Security Officers

The Complex Environment of Construction Sites Present Unique Challenges

Construction security is crucial when requiring to deter crime and vandalism at construction sites. It’s the fact that vandalism and theft are important risks to be concerned about when you need to protect a construction site are secure your facility.

New construction is a welcome sign of a healthy economy. It's also an easy target for theft and vandalism. Every year in California, thieves penetrate construction sites stealing millions of dollars’ worth of expensive equipment, tools, cables, copper wiring, vehicles and supplies together with on-site office valuables. It's easy to do: with an ever-changing assortment of workers and suppliers entering and leaving during the day; inadequately lit and deserted premises in off-hours. Without adequate security protection measures, your business is an open invitation.

Superior One Protective Services provide security officer services, for your personal and business property, for virtually any small, medium size and large companies in the greater Northern California area.

Now you can safeguard your commercial, residential and retail construction site twenty-four hours a day, every day, with a customized security package designed to fit your exact needs. Our security specialists, together with our (Electronic Guard Tracking System) is designed to fully integrate with your daily operations to provide the maximum protection for your workplace, workers, tools, and building materials. Innovative, specialized technology enables Superior One specialists to efficiently oversee and report site progress on any size job site. In addition, we offer uniformed patrol security officers, alarm response officers with 24 hour dispatch capability and custom on-site security packages tailored to your exact security needs and budget.

Superior One security officers are fully-licensed and highly-trained, and routinely complete mandatory training in the latest security procedures and technologies. Our security officers are always professional and alert, and will ultimately help maintain the premium reputation of your business.

Hire Superior One Protective Services for your construction site security guard service today and secure your construction site equipment and property.