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Residential Communities, Gated Neighborhoods

“Serving One customer, One Day at a Time”

Superior One Protective Services believes security Apartments, Condominiums and Gate-Communities is about more than protecting property – it’s about protecting people – the people who live and work on and visit and maintain your property. We work with you to assess and anticipate threats. We then customize a program to meet and exceed your needs, always keeping in mind the changing environment in the world today.

Superior One understands that these types of communities do not only require the most skilled personnel, but, because of the high level of public interaction that comes with the job, they require security officers that are proficient in providing excellence in customer service. You simply cannot afford to hire a security company as your gatekeeper that lacks an understanding of these basic principles and skills. With Superior One, however, you will be hiring a company that clearly understands and embodies those principles and skills that you expect.

People want to feel safe in their own homes, whether they live in a gated community, apartment complex, or high-rise building. More and more communities are implementing security measures or enhancing their current security program.

Your community is like an extension of your home. It’s the place where your children play with other children, where you walk the dog and have block parties. In gated-communities that are made up of working families, the neighborhood as a whole becomes most vulnerable during the day and night. Property theft and burglary is a growing concern in some communities in Northern California.

Shared living complexes have a high incidence of break-ins. Unlike a single-family home, condominiums and apartments usually have one shared gate and/or door for many tenants. The frequency of visitors coming and going can make it easier for a thief to come and go without anyone taking notice. The most effective way to deter a thief or undesirable visitor is to hire security personnel to guard the entrance to your building and the surrounding grounds.

For over 14 years, Superior One has been providing the highest quality residential security services to communities across Northern California. More than that, we've been providing peace of mind to residents and management alike.

  • Superior One has a longstanding reputation for professional, incident-free security guard services. Our uniformed officers are specifically trained for apartment and condominium security and can be armed or unarmed, depending on your preference.

  • In addition, our apartment and condo security officers are courteous, respectful and friendly. They can become a familiar and dependable part of your community, providing a sense of security in your residential complex. All of our security professionals are extensively screened and fully licensed, bonded and insured. Our apartment and condo security services include 24-hour manned guard service, after-hours night security service and scheduled mobile patrol service.

  • The perfect solution demands strategy, technology, and personnel that are perfectly suited to your gated community's culture. Yet, we live in a world that is constantly changing. There may be a shift in the surrounding neighborhood, crime rates or your community covenants.

  • Superior One is committed to building long term relationships with our clients, so we help you to monitor trends that would impact the security of your community and have the flexibility to modify our plans to stay abreast of your needs Call us anytime, day or night, and experience the personal touch of speaking with our own employees at our 24-hour Dispatch and Communications Center.