Hospitals-Healthcare-Senior Living Facilities

“Where medicine and Top Level Security Solutions Matter”

Superior One Protective Service hospital security Officers ensure the safety and security of patients, visitors and personnel in the high stress environment of hospitals and healthcare facilities.

With healthcare budgets continuing to tighten, it is important to work with a security team that understands how to keep your facility, product, patients, personnel, and visitors safe with cost-effective measures. Superior One's professional experts create custom solutions that insure the highest level of security without compromising the caring atmosphere your facility maintains. We have experience helping hospital, healthcare and senior living facilities improve security and service quality.

Superior One understands the enormous responsibility and extreme risk factors healthcare facilities face due to the constant traffic of patients, visitors and staff. Through careful planning and assessment, we can guide you by providing proactive solutions to ensure not only the safety of patients, staff and visitors, but also total security of your facility through these areas and more:

Security Officer in loby
  • Perimeter Security/Regular Patrols

  • Fire Safety

  • Emergency Room Security

  • Patient Confidentiality

  • Crisis Management

Superior One knows this very special environment well and assign officers with special training for best performance and precautions. From small clinics to large Medical Centers in the Northern California area, we have the knowledge and experience to prepare for the unexpected and assist your visitors, customers, and work together with your staff to maintain a secure facility. Each medical facility being different, thus having unique challenges and vulnerabilities, and we have plans to meet these needs for successful safety and security, for the protection of your investments, profits, and your community reputation.

Security officers at health care facilities must possess alertness and attention to detail more so than at other facilities. Visitors here might be physically challenged and in a vulnerable state of mind. Superior One understands that security officers at health care facilities must be willing to help beyond the scope of their security duty.

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