Parking Lot Facilities

“Comprehensive security programs for City, County and Private Parking Facilities"

Retail centers, restaurants, and any place open to the general public are targets for crime. Up to 80% of the crime at public facilities occurs in the parking lot and parking garages. Vehicle break-ins, vandalism and muggings are among the top crimes that happen in parking facilities. If your customers do not feel safe parking and walking to your facility, they are more likely to take their business somewhere else that does have adequate parking lot/parking garage security.

Because garages and parking lots contain valuable vehicles and their contents, plus the car occupants who also represent potential victims - both are frequent favored "hunting grounds" for robbers and thieves.

Our Security officers play a critical role in preventing and identifying potential threats in parking lots/garages. Their very presence can cause criminals to think twice before breaking into cars, vandalizing them or committing other crimes. Security Officers can also work with local law enforcement officers to help apprehend suspects after a crime has been committed in a parking lot/garages.

Superior One Protective Service Security officers ensure the rules governing the parking lot/garaged are followed, and report any suspicious activities when necessary to the local authorities. They also monitor and respond to any alarms. If the parking lot/garages has an access gate, our security officers may grant and deny access to vehicles. Depending on their training and licenses, they may detain criminals and write reports detailing criminal acts.