“We provide warehouse security officers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”

Property managers and Warehouse owners are usually concerned about two main security risks. These security risks are vandalism and theft. When deciding on the appropriate warehouse security service for warehouses or storage facility, clients should consider Superior One Protective Services which include Warehouse Security Officers, Warehouse Surveillance Cameras, Warehouse CCTV and armed and unarmed security guard services. If you need peace of mind or simply consider protecting warehouse property or consider protecting warehouse equipment... our Oakland based security team is the answer. Our security service company provides security officers or many other warehouse security guard services that may deter theft and vandalism by implementing effective security measures and warehouse security services with our outstanding security guard services.

Security starts at the perimeter to prevent unauthorized entry. From detecting suspicious activity at a chemical plant or unlawful entry at an airline hangar, intrusion detection and perimeter security help proactively identify threats before they escalate.

Superior One Protective Services is a management-and systems-driven company whose professionals have created and constantly refine an approach that evolves to meet the needs of its industrial and warehouse industry clients. Our management team works closely with clients to create customized security programs that focus on advance planning and preparation for all contingencies.

Whether your needs require one or two security officers or multi-state locations, Superior One, has the knowledge and experience to reduce your potential losses using a customized plan to protect your assets and ensure you're in compliance with any state or federal safety standards.

We provide security that maintains your company’s production. We ensure all facilities are safeguarded so all operations run smoothly and you have a successful business.