Officer checking monitors

24-Hour Scheduling & Dispatch Center

Superior One is a 24/7 operation. Our dispatch center operations around the clock to address all open post and emergency calls. The following is an outline of how a call to the dispatch center is routed. The response procedures might vary between different sites and the customer’s request. Superior One will dispatch a Client Service Supervisor to all incoming open post or emergency requests within 18 to 23 minutes. When so required, Superior One will respond to additional security coverage (extra personnel) within one to one and a half hours (1) and (1.5) hours of received request.

Central Dispatch Center Provides 24/7 Back Up Protection

Superior One Protective Services central dispatch and monitoring station is the backbone of our security operation. Our uniformed security officers can communicate from any location to our central command center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event that one of our stationed security officers is in need of assistance, our central command has the ability to send the necessary back up right away.

Our central command center can dispatch a mobile patrol officer’s unit to any scene to investigate the situation as well as provide additional support and protection to the security officer working in the field. In the event that your property has been broken into a uniformed security officer can engage and detain any criminals they may encounter while the central dispatch sends the necessary authorities.

Thanks to Superior One's central dispatch, when you hire one of our security officers to protect your business you also get the additional support of a team and network of security professionals that can offer protection 24 hours a day 7 days a week